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This porcelain vase, an unusual form, was created with a one-of-a-kind plaster mold. The exterior is unglazed, excepting the celadon glaze loop pattern that wraps the form and engages the eye from bottom to the top. The interior is glazed in the same celadon. Enjoy it filled with your favorite flowers in all seasons!


Petite Porcelain Vase with an Unglazed Loop Pattern

SKU: 26534
  • The unique form was slip-cast using a hand-crafted plaster mold. The porcelain I use is fired in a gas kiln to cone 10, up to 2340 degrees Fehrenheit. It is dishwasher safe but I prefer handwashing as hand made ceramic products are not quite as durable and machine produced products. Just wash with warm soapy wash, rinse thoroughly and dry. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, and it's unique shape, pattern and coloration will bring years of delight to it's owner!

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