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This hand build and hand painted bowl has a cut scalloped edge with koi fish and floral patterns enhancing the form. It has been glazed with a clear glaze at cone 10. It will make a joyful gift as a dsplay item or can be used daily to enhance your dining table!

DIMENSIONS: approximately 7" D.

Porcelain Bowl with Scalloped Edge

SKU: SSR/2022-00102
  • This porcelain bowl with a koi fish and floral patterns has a hand cut scalloped edge, is hand painted with underglaze colors and glazed in a clear glaze, fired to cone 10. It will provide years of wear if it is washed by hand, preventing the rice paper transfers used to create the patterns from fading. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, and it's unique patterns and coloration will certainly bring delight to it's owner!

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