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This extraordinary porcelain piece has a wheel thrown vase glazed in apple green and a hand-crafted, petal-by-petal, lid glazed in lavender. There are holes between the flowers on the lid for you to place slender flowers into the vase. The lid, a separate piece that fits inside the neck of the vase, can be removed for cleaning. A unique vase for the gardener or flower lover in your family!

DIMENSIONS: vase 7"H X 4"D, lid 2.5"H X 4"D



Porcelain Vase with Hand-Crafted Floral Lid

SKU: 26547
  • Looking for a fantastic wedding gift?? This porcelain vase looks lovely with slender stems of all flowers! The unique vase form has been thrown on a potter's wheel and the lid was created petal-by-petal. The porcelain I use is fired in a gas kiln to cone 10, up to 2340 degrees Fehrenheit. It is dishwasher safe but I prefer handwashing as hand made ceramic products are not quite as durable and machine produced products. Just wash with warm soapy wash, rinse thoroughly and dry. This is a one-of-a-kind piece-- it's unique shape and coloration will bring years of delight to it's owner!

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