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This wheel thrown and altered porcelain flower basket has been decorated with a pattern of platinum luster dots that create a flower and stem motif on the surface. Some of the surface has been left unglazed with the use of wax resist. This porcelain flower basket will provide years of wear if it is washed by hand. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, and it's unique patterns and colorations will certainly bring delight to it's owner.


Dimensions: 8.5"H including the handle X 6.5" D


Porcelain Flower Basket with Platinum Luster

SKU: 21070010
  • GIFTS: At the time of purchase, please let me know if your purchase is a gift, so I can include a note if you would like.
    REFUNDS: Unfortunately, due to the limitations of this small business, no refunds are given, only exchanges within five days of receipt.
    EXCHANGES: Exchanges are accepted within five days of receipt of purchase. Return shipping costs and safe return are the responsibility of the customer. Contact me for more information regarding exchanges.


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