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This porcelain bowl has four hand painted Chinese decal patterns creating colorful borders inside and outside the rim of this lovely bowl. Three patterns are collaged to create a triple border along the interior rim, with green Chinese decals hand painted in greens, yellow and lavender. The exterior border in blue decals, has added hand painting with yellow and lavender echoing the interior color scheme.Take a good look at the photos and enjoy!


All of the surfaces are fired with a clear glaze. It is advisable to wash by hand. See "CARE FOR THE CERAMICS" below for more information.




Porcelain Bowl with Four Chinese Decal Floral Patterns

SKU: 26713
  • This porcelain serving vessel will provide years of wear if it is washed by hand. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, and it's unique patterns and coloration will certainly bring delight to it's owner!


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