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This small oval tray is hand-built porcelain, approximately 10.25"L X 4.75"W X .75"H.

The walls display hand-painted blue Chinese decals, colored in orange & yellow underglaze, while the center purface is painted in pink slip (liquid clay) before the red decals are applied and painted with blue underglaze. The entire surface is fired with a clear glaze. There is a larger oval tray to coordinate with this one as a special gift! It is advisable to wash by hand. See "CARE FOR THE CERAMICS" below for more information.

Oval Hand Painted Chinese Decal Tray

SKU: 26708
  • This porcelain serving tray will provide years of wear if it is washed by hand. The pattern and coloration is shared with it's larger sister piece which, together, would be an extraordinary gift! It's unique patterns and coloration will certainly bring delight to it's owner.


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