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This one-of-a-kind flower enclosure was created during the pandemic as an experiment in developing a new form of flower display! This is the second iteration of my idea and is improved from the first try... the design can be reproduced in a larger size as a special order, and priced accordingly. All of the surfaces are fired with a clear glaze. However, it must be handles with extreme care as it is a delicately constructed obejct. It is advisable to wash gently by hand. See “CARE FOR THE CERAMICS” below for information.

DIMENSIONS: 7" X 5 1/4"

A Unique Porcelain Paper Clay Flower Enclosure

SKU: SSR 2021-76
  • This unusual porcelain object can retain water in the shallow bowl at the bottom and it is adviseable to us a small frog to arrange and maintain the flowers in your desired positioning. Pleae handle and wash by hand with extreme care.

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